4 Bad Things Internet Companies Can’t Do Anymore — If the FCC Gets its Way

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Description: If the FCC approves those new net neutrality rules, you’ll enjoy some extra protections. Source: CNN Money Date: February 6, 2015 Sure, there’s disagreement about how to best ensure net neutrality — an Internet where the cable owners don’t discriminate between the traffic on their networks. But one thing is certain: Internet providers have played dirty… Read more »

Apple hikes app prices in Canada and Europe, spurred by currency swings

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Description: Canadians will notice the absence of the $1.99 apps; prices set to increase very soon. Source: Globe & Mail Date: January 9, 2015 Apple Inc. changed the prices of software applications from Canada to Europe today, in one of the company’s more comprehensive global responses to currency swings in recent years. Read the Full Story… Read more »

Square Wants You to Send Cash Over Snapchat

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Description: Square is attempting to compete with Apple Pay in the mobile app money transferring space Source: CNN Money Date: November 30, 2014   Founder of Square Jack Dorsey discusses the international launch of the Square Register software, their partnership with Snapchat, and how Square could work with Apple Pay. Watch The Video. Questions for discussion:… Read more »

Is 2014 the Year We Hit the Technology Tipping Point?

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Description: The stats are in and showing that e-commerce is moving towards smartphone and tablet users. Source: Work Intelligent.ly Date: March 10, 2014   Earlier this year, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer said more users would access its content on mobile devices and tablets than on personal computers. That’s the type of trigger that has her and many pundits… Read more »

Paypal’s CTO On The Bumpy Road To A Comeback

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Description:  Why Barrese, Paypal’s CTO, decided to drop the original plan to customize Sparta and made the decision to replace it with newer software, starting from the ground up. Source: Fast Company  Date: March 20, 2014 A new internal platform called Sparta was built, but progress “bumped along for a few years. By the time it… Read more »

Step Your Game Up, Retailers! When It Comes to Shopping, Canadians Want – and Expect – It All

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Description: Canadian consumers are expecting more and more from retailers and in order to keep up, retailers must be completely mobile accessible, and tell their easily relate-able brand story through all media channels. Source: TechVibes Date: February 27, 2014   Canadian consumers have high demands when it comes to the experience of shopping, according to Total Retail:… Read more »

Are Mobile Apps Now a Requirement for Businesses?

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Description: Mobile Apps are they way of the future for almost all businesses. They encourage impulse purchases and without one, your business may be losing out on  potential sales. Source: Techvibes Date: February 6, 2014   How’s your business’s mobile app doing? Don’t have one? Turns out you could be leaving significant money on the table. Customers now… Read more »

Following in Vancouver’s Footsteps, Bitcoin ATM Launches in Toronto

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Description: As Bitcoin interest mildly increases, an ATM for the virtual currency appears in Toronto. But why use a physical teller machine to deposit virtual money into a virtual account? Source: TechVibes Date: January 17, 2014   In a continued effort to lend an air of legitimacy to the collective fever dream that is BitCoin, a… Read more »

Focusing On Ecommerce, Olapic Gives Retailers Access To Customer Behavior Across Its Platform

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Description: New York based start-up Olapic switches its focus from media companies and takes on online retailers giving them access to consumer trends. This information is based on following hashtags of products on posts from various social media sites. Source: Techcrunch Date: October 17, 2013 With beauty vloggers showing off their cosmetics hauls on YouTube, and… Read more »