Melinda Gates: You’re Missing Out by Not Investing in Women, Minorities

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Over the last few decades, Melinda Gates’ philanthropy has taken her to all corners of the globe. But recently she’s come to focus on an issue much closer to home: a dearth of women in tech. Source: Bloomberg Date: May 3rd, 2018 Link: Discussion 1) What is your program and business school doing to encourage women in… Read more »

The urgent need to get more women involved in technology

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There is a problem in the technology sector that too few are tackling, let alone talking about. A recent Brookfield report found only 9 per cent of software developers in Canada are female. Women’s participation in the technology sector has remained between 23 per cent and 25 per cent for well over a decade.  This gender… Read more »

Would we have seen the proliferation of ‘stalkerware’ if there were more women in tech?

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Stalkerware is on the rise in the consumer market, and its explosive growth is indicative of the troubling lack of diversity in the tech development world.  When development teams are homogeneous, we see the proliferation of online tools with dangerous consequences. Source: CBC Technology News Date: May 31st, 2017 Link: Discussion 1) “Diversity on tech teams isn’t… Read more »

Digital sexism: Why are all virtual assistants women?

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Why are virtual assistants from Amazon, Google and Apple all “female”? Technically speaking, of course, virtual assistants don’t have genders. But they do have names and voices that suggest to users they are more “female” than “male” — a characterization that reinforces some of the worst gender stereotypes in our society. Source: CBC Technology News Date: January 26th,… Read more »

What if there were more women in tech?

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From gender-neutral bots to period-friendly healthcare trackers, cars with more storage and clothes with bigger pockets – the world could be a very different place if there were more women working in tech. Source: BBC Technology News Date: October 25th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Can you think of other gender-biased ways technology has evolved? 2) Can you… Read more »