Technology and the Fight Against Terrorism

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Description: Preventing terrorist plots is harder than ever, and technology is both the problem and the solution. Source: CNN Money Date: November 24, 2015 Violent extremists like ISIS meet in the open on Facebook or Twitter. Then they take the conversation private, using technology called encryption to encode their messages. It’s called “going dark”, and it’s one… Read more »

The Hackers Fighting ISIS You’ve Never Heard of

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Description: Ghost Security Group, also known as GhostSec, is small hacker army composed of ex-military and ex-Anonymous members fighting ISIS online. Source: CNN Money Date: November 20, 2015 Ghost Security Group is a counter terrorism network that combats extremism on the digital front lines of today using the internet and social media as a weapon. Questions for… Read more »

Widespread Encryption Bug, Heartbleed, Can Capture Your Passwords

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Description: Some websites running SSL encryption, such as Airbnb, Pinterest,, NASA, and Creative Commons, among others, were exposed to a major security bug called Heartbleed on Monday. Source: Mashable Date: April 9, 2014 The bug affects web servers running Apache and Nginx software, and it has the potential to expose private information users enter into websites, applications,… Read more »

Hackers learn to ditch black hats for white collar security jobs

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Description: Computer hacking has always been a pursuit driven more by geeky passion than a quest for profits. But it is now becoming a pathway to earning serious money. Source: Date: Oct 10, 2011 A decade ago, a skilled hacker who discovered a software security flaw had two choices: he could tell the company… Read more »

Social Media Scrutiny after UK riots

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Description: Source:   British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that the government should impose limits on the “free flow of information” when it’s “used for ill.” “When people are using social media for violence, we need to stop them,” he said then. Source: Date: Sept 8, 2011 “Instead of detailing plans to block criminals’ access to… Read more »

Banks fight fraud with new social networking weapons

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Description: An older type of social network, and it’s being used to help detect fraud. It is the connections between people in the physical world. Source: Globe& Date: March 8, 2011 Banks, telecoms providers and insurance companies, among other businesses, are using analytic software to correlate all of their various data sources to produce visualizations of relationships… Read more »

Anybody can be a Hacker for a Price

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Description: A website claims to give “administrator” access to various web addresses for a price, causing serious security threats Source: Date: Jan 28, 2011 Questions for discussion: Do you thinks this type of be behavior is legal or ethical? What should be done to shut this down? Do you feel the security in these hacked sites… Read more »