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Description: As Bitcoin interest mildly increases, an ATM for the virtual currency appears in Toronto. But why use a physical teller machine to deposit virtual money into a virtual account?

Source: TechVibes

Date: January 17, 2014



In a continued effort to lend an air of legitimacy to the collective fever dream that is BitCoin, a new Bitcoin ATM has been installed in Toronto. The machine is the second of its kind in Canada, after a similar ATM appeared in the wild in Vancouver last October. The new Bitcoin automated teller machine is stationed at King West and Spadina in Bitcoin Decentral, an office shared by a handful of disruptive companies looking to innovate around the virtual currency. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Would you use a Bitcoin ATM; or do you find the idea counter-productive?

2. In which situations would paying  in Bitcoins be the better choice to CDN dollars?

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