Google Announces Budget-Priced Chromebits and Chromebooks

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Description: Google has announced new Chrome-powered computers, which are set to target budget-conscious consumers and schools. Source: BBC News Date: April 1, 2015 The range includes a new type of device called the Chromebit, which looks like an oversized memory stick, and turns monitors and TVs into computers when plugged into their HDMI ports. The tech firm also… Read more »

Teachers Will Embrace Students’ Smartphone Addiction In 2015

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Description: Technology will be used as a more mainstream approach for education in 2015. Source: Tech Crunch Date: January 3, 2015     Of course, classrooms have been using computers for decades, but 2014 was a year when many schools began to adopt technology as an embedded, natural part of teaching and learning. As many schools have… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Take Notes on Your Laptop or Tablet

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Description: Students who took written notes were proven to out-perform their peers who took digital notes. Source: Psychology Today Date: June 3rd, 2014 It’s a fact: Most students (and employees) can type faster than they can write. So it’s only logical that typing notes on a laptop or tablet would be better when listening to a fast paced… Read more »

IBM Launches Multi-million Dollar Private Cloud Computing Platform to Canadian Universities

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Description: IBM announces that starting early 2014 they will be launching a cloud computing platform to Nova Scotia’s Universities. The hope is to better equip future graduates with the skills required to enhance and grow the province’s economy. Source: TechVibes Date: November 28, 2013 IBM announced this week that it is contributing a multi-million dollar private… Read more »

73% of Teachers Use Cellphones for Classroom Activities

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Description: Results of a recent study show that the use of digital devices and social sharing is high among teachers. These trends are slowly making their way into the classroom, however, this practice is receiving mixed reviews. Source: Mashable Date: February 27th, 2013 More middle- and secondary-school teachers are using digital tools in their classrooms and professional lives,… Read more »

In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores

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Description: The digital push here aims to go far beyond gadgets to transform the very nature of the classroom, turning the teacher into a guide instead of a lecturer, wandering among students who learn at their own pace on Internet-connected devices. Source: Date: Sept 8, 2011 This conundrum calls into question one of the… Read more »