Amazon Launches Dash Button for Instant Product Ordering

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Description: The ‘Dash button’, which is connected with the Amazon app through Wi-Fi, is brand specific and the company has tied up with household names such as Tide, Huggies and Gillette. Source: CBC News Date: April 1, 2015 Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you’re running low,… Read more »

Getting it Right the First Time: Manufacturing a Technology Product

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Description: The trend today is to outsource manufacturing to companies that specialize in it. In today’s competitive economy, you must align every aspect of the product design-manufacturing-and sales cycle to have the best chance to succeed. Source: TechVibes Date: January 21, 2014 While Canada’s software sector seems burgeoning with start-ups, there is also a good amount of activity… Read more »

New Social Fundraising Tool Coupons4Giving Launches in Edmonton

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Description: Coupons4Giving is a new fundraising tool coming out of Edmonton, Alberta to help organizations not only manage their campaigns but also to help encourage donations. Source: Techvibes Date: December 12, 2013  GenerUS Marketing Solutions has launched Coupons4Giving, a fundraising tool that allows not-for-profits to create and manage successful fundraising campaigns in order to drive… Read more »

Farm At Hand is Taking Farm Management to the Cloud

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Description: Farm At Hand is taking farm management from the dusty notebook to the cloud. The farm management multi-platform program will allow farmers to track everything from equipment to harvesting. Source: TechVibes Date: August 28, 2013 News on the upcoming GrowLab cohort is slowly leaking as accepted startups update their AngelList profiles and move into office space… Read more »

When the Assembly Line Moves Online

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Description: DO one assigned task on your computer. It shouldn’t take you more than two seconds. Repeat 14,399 times. Congratulations! Your eight-hour work day is complete. Source: Date: Oct. 30, 2010 No such workplace yet exists, but with the fiendishly clever creation of standardized two-second tasks, delivered to any computer connected to the Internet,… Read more » Said to Be Near Agreement to Buy Owner

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Description: Quidsi, which expects to ship 500 million diapers this year, will help Amazon cater to new parents and gain expertise in warehouse management and low-cost shipping. Source: Date: Nov 8, 2010 The company profits from diaper-buying customers who also purchase higher-margin products such as brand-name baby shampoo, wipes and formula.  Amazon is looking… Read more »

10 Ways Poor Training Can Cause Your ERP Implementation to Fail

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Description: It’s common knowledge that training is a key reason why large-scale ERP implementations fail. Knowing the symptoms of insufficient planning, execution or poor training delivery is the first step to diagnosing the greater problem Source: Date: Oct 29, 2010 When outside training consultants assess ERP implementations already in progress, they act very much like doctors…. Read more »

Mobile-phone cash register Square open for business

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Description: Square, an application that turns a smartphone into a mobile cash register, is open for business. Source: TechDate: Oct 25, 2010 Created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Square uses a free download and plastic card reader to let users accept credit card payments. The app charges users 2.75 percent of the transaction cost plus… Read more »