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Instacart Walmart Canada Produce

Walmart’s  relationship with Instacart  deepened today with an expansion of their partnership across Canada for grocery delivery. Walmart Canada had previously run a 17-store pilot program with Instacart, starting last September, in both the Greater Toronto area and Winnipeg. With the expansion, Walmart Canada will offer same-day grocery delivery from nearly 200 Walmart stores nationwide.

Canadian Walmart shoppers can now shop online via Instacart’s website or mobile app, select their city and store, then add items to a grocery cart, check out and choose their delivery window. The delivery can arrive in as fast as one hour, or it can be scheduled as much as five days in advance.

Source: TechCrunch

Date: August 30th, 2019



  1. Why is WalMart partnering with Instacart here, rather than rolling out this service through it’s own app?
  2. WalMart is one of the world’s largest companies. Why do they roll out services like this with a “pilot program” first?

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