Canadian Downloaders Should Expect a Copyright Notice in the Mail

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Description: Canadians can be liable for a maximum of $5,000 in damages for non-commercial copyright infringement, for example illegally downloading a film, a song or an app. Source: Globe and Mail Date: January 8, 2015 Have you recently downloaded a song, or a movie, or a TV show, from a site or service that didn’t ask for… Read more »

TekSavvy Could Be Looking Into Launching a Cable Service

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Description: Teksavvy forges partnership with Hastings CableVision Source: Date: September 16, 2014 During the CRTC’s latest “Let’s Talk TV” discussions, third-party internet provider TekSavvy announced a new partnership with Hastings CableVision company, possibly signaling that the company has plans to move into providing cable services at some point in the future. Read the full story. Questions for… Read more »

Metered pay walls the new reality for newspapers

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Description: Newspapers are returning to a business strategy that served them well in the heyday of street-corner newsboys shouting the front-page news. They’re enticing people with a little free online content before asking them to pay up. Source: GlobeandMail .com Date: April 3, 2012 About 300 newspapers across the United States, and a growing number… Read more »

Textbooks Finally Take a Big Leap to Digital

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Description: Amazon, which got its start selling books online, announced this year that, for the first time, its digital books had outsold paper books. This trend of going digital does not hold true for all books. Source: www.nytimes com Date: Nov 23, 2011 Textbooks are gaining, though, as publishers take advantage of the popularity of… Read more »

Writing Machines — Their Uses and Meaning

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Description: A Sunday business column in The New York Times looked at the work of a start-up, Narrative Science, that combines computer science and journalism. Its software takes data and converts it into stories — short summary-style articles so far, but ones that don’t really read as if they were written by a machine. Source:… Read more »

Tougher legislation won’t stop Internet piracy, experts caution

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Description: As the federal government pushes to modernize the country’s copyright laws, a new study suggests that relying on tougher legislation to stop online piracy simply won’t work. Source: Globe& Date: March 16, 2011 It found that anti-piracy education has done little to stigmatize illegal downloading in emerging economies and that market conditions are directly to… Read more »

Publishers of digital content face uphill battle

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Description: The publishing industry has not been having fun in the last few years. Newspapers, magazines and books were hurt by competition from the Internet and the changes caused by consumers choosing digital content rather than traditional ink on paper. Source: Globe& Date: Feb 25, 2011 Will Apple or Google (or someone else) end up… Read more »

Anybody can be a Hacker for a Price

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Description: A website claims to give “administrator” access to various web addresses for a price, causing serious security threats Source: Date: Jan 28, 2011 Questions for discussion: Do you thinks this type of be behavior is legal or ethical? What should be done to shut this down? Do you feel the security in these hacked sites… Read more »

So far for magazines, tablets are a bitter pill

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Description: Since Apple introduced the iPad last year, publishers have poured millions of dollars into apps in the hopes that the device could revolutionize the industry by changing the way magazines are read and sold to consumers. Source: Globe and Date: Jan 17 , 2011 “If you look at the Apple store,” said David Carey,… Read more »