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Description:  Why Barrese, Paypal’s CTO, decided to drop the original plan to customize Sparta and made the decision to replace it with newer software, starting from the ground up.

Source: Fast Company 

Date: March 20, 2014


A new internal platform called Sparta was built, but progress “bumped along for a few years. By the time it was ready to go live, it was an old concept,” says James Barrese, PayPal’s chief technology officer. “[Sparta] was conceived when there were just web browsers, and not multiple mobile devices. The world had changed dramatically, and it wasn’t sophisticated enough.” Read More.

Questions for discussion:

1. Why do you think Barrese originally made the decision to focus on security rather than updating the checkout capabilities, or changing both simultaneously?

2. Would you have made the same decisions if you were PayPal’s CTO? What would you have done differently?

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