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Description: If the FCC approves those new net neutrality rules, you’ll enjoy some extra protections.

Source: CNN Money

Date: February 6, 2015

Sure, there’s disagreement about how to best ensure net neutrality — an Internet where the cable owners don’t discriminate between the traffic on their networks. But one thing is certain: Internet providers have played dirty in the past. In fact, they’ve done exactly what FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal aims to stop. Here’s a list of bad behavior that would be corrected. Verizon can’t block Google Wallet on your smartphone, like it did in 2011. And it similarly can’t block the PayPal phone app’s fingerprint authorization, like it did earlier this year. Why has Verizon been so aggressive with tap-to-pay technology? Verizon has actually teamed up with AT&T and T-Mobile to develop its own payment option, Softcard.

Questions for discussion:

1. Were you previously aware of the net neutrality debate? If so, what is your opinion?

2. Have you ever experienced a situation in which you felt your service was purposely slowed down by rival providers?

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