Airbnb Starts Taking Canadian Market Seriously with Physical Presence

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Description: Airbnb is serious about their Canadian users and to show it, they are creating a physical presence here in the Great White North. Source: TechVibes Date: November 5, 2014 Canadians have been using Airbnb for years and the site’s popularity here is continuing to grow. Now, in an effort to cement that growth and win over… Read more »

What Your $500 iPad Costs to Make

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Description: Is Apple really overcharging for their gadgets simply for prestige and the portrayed social status you acquire from owning one? Or are the products actually quite expensive to develop? Source: CNN Money Date: October 31, 2014   Apple’s iPad Air 2 retails starting at $499. CNNMoney takes a look at what it costs to build piece by… Read more »

How to be a 28 year-old CEO

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Description: Tumblr CEO David Karp tells Christine Romans why Tumblr’s advertising strategy is starting to pay off and what it’s like to work with Marissa Mayer. Source: CNN Money Date: October 24, 2014   28 yr-old David Karp explains the success brands are having using Tumblr as a platform for advertising and that they typically wouldn’t have the… Read more »

The 22-year-old Redefining Mobile Advertising

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Description: Brian Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiip, hatched a new strategy to connect brands with consumers by offering rewards for virtual achievements. Source: Forbes Date: January 17, 2014 Kiip, a mobile advertising company, has developed a way to cash-in on those little moments consumers have everyday through various apps, and reward them ever so subtly.  Watch… Read more »

HootSuite Partners with Foursquare to Create Online Venue Management Solution for Businesses

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Description: With the new partnership between Hootsuite and Foursquare, the two apps are hoping to utilize each other’s platforms to further grow their companies and engage customers in real-time conversations.   Date: November 21, 2013   HootSuite is partnering with Foursquare to create a venue management solution for businesses. The app integration aims to combine the power… Read more »

Android Is Gaming’s Future, And The One OS To Rule Them All

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Description: The Nvidia Shield, released earlier this year, is a small Android tablet welded to a gamepad controller and is said to be the future of gaming. There’s a lot of competition, however, so the question remains whether or not these seeds Nvidia is planting will have time to come to fruition. Source: TechCrunch Date: November 8,… Read more »

BlackBerry Offering Digital Music Distribution Service for Independent Artists on BB10

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Description: Blackberry has “gone indie”, announcing a  partnership with Zimbalam, an indie music distributor. Together, Blackberry and Zimbalam hope to empower artists through a new mobile channel. Source: TechVibes Date: March 22nd, 2013 BlackBerry has partnered with Zimbalam, a global digital music distributor for developing and independent artists, to offer unsigned musicians “an easy and efficient way”… Read more »

Tablets Will Turn M-commerce into a $50 Billion Industry Next Year, Report Suggests

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Description: eMarketer has recently published a report that predicts major growth in mobile commerce. The upward trend is set to continue strong through 2016. Source: TechVibes Date: January 11th, 2013   Any company that thinks m-commerce is just a fad or a niche market, think again. A new report from eMarketer forecasts a huge growth… Read more »

Cut in E-Book Pricing by Amazon Is Set to Shake Rivals

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Description: The government’s decision to pursue major publishers on antitrust charges has put the Internet retailer Amazon in a powerful position: the nation’s largest bookseller may now get to decide how much an e-book will cost, and the book world is quaking over the potential consequences. Source: nytimes .com Date: April 11, 2012 But publishers… Read more »

The post-PC world is real and it’s here

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Description: This year, over one billion internet-enabled devices will be sold globally with less than one third of those devices being laptop or desktop computers. Source: Date: April 5, 2012 While PC sales have continued to grow for over three decades, the PC era reached its zenith just prior to the introduction of the… Read more »