How Two Apps Are Keeping People Connected

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Description: Two original app ideas have just been launched that are hoping to bring communities together. The first is an online neighbourhood watch program to report crime; and includes a direct link to the police. The second connects people to others in their specific neighbourhoods for problem solving and local advice. Source: Date: October 10,… Read more »

Feeling Down? Facebook Improves Self-Esteem

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Description: A new psychological study has found that time spent on Facebook is actually benefiting users by feeding their ego and giving them self-assurance. Source: Mashable Date: March 22nd, 2013 If you’re feeling down in the dumps and looking for a pick me up, you may want to check your Facebook profile. That advice follows from new research showing that… Read more »

‘The Bachelor’ Gets Social With Real-Time Tweets on TV

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Description: The way we watch TV has changed. Today, viewers sit on the couch with the TV remote in one hand and their mobile device in the other. This new socially connected audience is bringing about a major change in programming. Source: Mashable Date: March 13th, 2013 The 17th season of ABC‘s quest-for-love reality TV show “The Bachelor” wrapped… Read more »

73% of Teachers Use Cellphones for Classroom Activities

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Description: Results of a recent study show that the use of digital devices and social sharing is high among teachers. These trends are slowly making their way into the classroom, however, this practice is receiving mixed reviews. Source: Mashable Date: February 27th, 2013 More middle- and secondary-school teachers are using digital tools in their classrooms and professional lives,… Read more »

Understanding Unicorn: A dive into Facebook’s Graph Search

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Description: An inside look at the details of Facebook Graph Search, the new search tool that allows Facebook users to search people, places, and things and the connections between them more easily. Source: CNet Date: February 21st, 2013 MENLO PARK, Calif.–On the surface, Facebook’s new Graph Search is touted as a new method to enable more connections… Read more »

Don’t Fire An Employee And Leave Them In Charge Of The Corporate Twitter Account

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Description: HMV recently laid off 60 HR representatives including @poppy_powers, the Facebook and Twitter manager. What followed was a live tweeting session of the mass firing. Source: Forbes  Date: February 1st, 2013 Yesterday HMV, the beleaguered British entertainment retailer, laid off 190 employees, in an effort to cut costs and right its balance sheet. The… Read more »

How Social Media Can Reunite Lost Children With Their Families

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Description: After using social media to locate and successful return his daughter home, Tony Luftis offers his words of wisdom to help other parents locate their missing children. Source: Mashable Date: January 26th, 2013 In November 2011, Tony Loftis’s 13-year-old daughter Allie ran away from their suburban hometown of Wayland, Mass. Allie was last seen… Read more »

Twitter Rumored To Be Preparing For 2014 IPO

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Description: Rumors are circulating about a possible Twitter IPO in 2014. What’s the initial valuation? $11 billion. Source: FastCompany Date: January 4, 2013 An analytic report from a firm used to sizing up businesses on their way to an IPO is suggesting that Twitter will float in 2014. Greencrest Capital, which has been vocal in its support of recent… Read more »

How Obama and Romney Are Targeting Americans

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Description: The capabilities of the Internet have given American politicians a more targeted reach than ever before. With an estimated spend of 160 million dollars in digital marketing for the 2012 American Elections, both the democrats and republicans are relying on the ability to target and persuade specific individuals online. Source: FastCompany  Date: October 23, 2012… Read more »

Social Media Etiquette: Do You Kiss and Tell?

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Description: A recent survey conducted on Zoosk, Facebook’s dating service, has revealed some interesting statistics about romantic technology use. Despite the risk of public romance, many users are still updating their Facebook profiles with romantic posts. Who are these users and why do they do it? Source: Date: September 18th, 2012   Posting your… Read more »