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Description: An inside look at the details of Facebook Graph Search, the new search tool that allows Facebook users to search people, places, and things and the connections between them more easily.

Source: CNet

Date: February 21st, 2013


MENLO PARK, Calif.–On the surface, Facebook’s new Graph Search is touted as a new method to enable more connections between people and content worldwide.

It turns out what is making all of that possible is a Unicorn.

During a crash course Thursday at the company’s headquarters, a team of Facebook engineers offered a more detailed glimpse at the magic behind the new, third “pillar” of the world’s largest social network’s strategy to enable new connections. Read Rest of Story.


Questions for discussion:

1. Do you think Facebook Graph Search poses privacy concerns?

2. If you could suggest some “clever ideas” to Mark and his team to make Facebook Graph Search better, what would you suggest?


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