Metered pay walls the new reality for newspapers

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Description: Newspapers are returning to a business strategy that served them well in the heyday of street-corner newsboys shouting the front-page news. They’re enticing people with a little free online content before asking them to pay up. Source: GlobeandMail .com Date: April 3, 2012 About 300 newspapers across the United States, and a growing number… Read more »

A Game Explodes and Changes Life Overnight at a Struggling Start-Up

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Description: At a cocktail party on the second floor of the expensive Bowery Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday night, as trays of stuffed mushrooms and thinly sliced filet mignon circulated, Charles Forman was marveling at how quickly things can change. Source: NYTimes .com Date: March 25, 2012 Draw Something transformed Omgpop from a little-known, nearly… Read more »

Smartphones Have Led, and Desktops Will Follow

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Description: These days much of the action in the world of gadgets is happening in smartphones — like their sophisticated design and the apps that run on them. That has left desktop and laptop computers looking a little dull in comparison. Source: nytimes .com Date: Feb 29, 2012 So computers are suddenly getting more phonelike…. Read more »

Online Data Helping Campaigns Customize Ads

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Description: Political campaigns, which have borrowed tricks from Madison Avenue for decades, are now fully engaged on the latest technological frontier in advertising: aiming specific ads at potential supporters based on where they live, the Web sites they visit and their voting records. Source: Date: Feb 20, 2012 In recent primaries, two kinds of… Read more »

Apple lifts the veil on its plans to remake the educational landscape.

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Description: Apple wants Schools to center on Ipads Source: cnn .com Date: Jan 17, 2012 Questions for discussion: Who are the winners in using this technology to transform the text book industry? 2. Who are the losers in using this technology to transform the text book industry?

Big Data is watching you

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Description: In the past few years, companies have amassed trillions of digital bread crumbs: from credit card transactions, from people’s online wanderings on social media and search sites, from GPS devices embedded within smart phones. Source: Date: Jan 6, 2012 The Christmas season may still be a recent memory, but many marketers are already… Read more »

Google Music Store Chases Apple’s ITunes 8 Years Too Late: Tech

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Description: Google Inc. is entering the online music market almost a decade too late to pose a threat to Apple Inc., the largest seller of songs on the Web. Source: Date: Nov 16, 2011 The service, scheduled to be unveiled at a Google event in Los Angeles today, will let users store songs online… Read more »

No Cards, No Cash. Just a Phone.

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Description: Plenty of companies would love to get their hands on our wallets. But Google wants to go one step further: it wants to be our wallets. Source: Date: Sept 21, 2011 Its new phone software, called Google Wallet, is intended to replace the credit cards in our actual wallets. It does sound pretty… Read more »

Cloud Computing May be a Shot in the Arm our Economy Needs

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Description: Economists and pundits have long feared the emergence of what they called “hollow corporations,” or businesses that don’t actually produce actual goods or services themselves, but instead act as brokers or intermediaries relying on networks of suppliers and partners. Source: Forbes .com. Date: Sept 19, 2011 Where are these services coming from?  Look to… Read more »