How Obama and Romney Are Targeting Americans

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Description: The capabilities of the Internet have given American politicians a more targeted reach than ever before. With an estimated spend of 160 million dollars in digital marketing for the 2012 American Elections, both the democrats and republicans are relying on the ability to target and persuade specific individuals online. Source: FastCompany  Date: October 23, 2012… Read more »

E-books gaining traction in Canada; print still tops

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Description: The Canadian ebook industry is starting to take-off. In a recent report conducted by BookNet Canada,  ebooks have been found to represent 16.3% of the overall book market – a number that even surprises industry professionals. Source: Ottawa Citizen  Date: October 10, 2012   TORONTO — Surging ebook sales now represent an estimated 16.3 per cent… Read more »

Google’s data mining raises questions of national security

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Description: Free cloud service providers collect and store massive amounts of personal data. While this data is usually well-protected and secure, given the right incentive, there is no question that hackers could compromise the security of even the largest cloud service providers. So what are governments doing to protect their sensitive data? Source: TheGuardian  Date: October 15,… Read more »

Microsoft launches Xbox Music streaming service

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Description: Microsoft has joined the music streaming competition in attempt to gain traction against iTunes and other music providing services. The newest streaming music service will be available on Xbox, mobile and tablet devices. Source: Date: October 15, 2012   Microsoft has launched Xbox Music, a digital music streaming service to take on Apple’s… Read more »

This College Sophomore And CEO Keeps A Keg At The Office-Even If He’s Too Young To Tap It

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Description: Running your own company at the age of 19 is difficult, especially when you’re balancing studies during your Sophomore year. To take the pressure off, Ketan Rahangdale tries to keep things fun and youthful. Source: FastCompany Date: October 5, 2012   Ketan Rahangdale is the 19-year-old wunderkind CEO of EarTop, an audio technology company. Rahangdale… Read more »

After $30 Billion Mistake, Can Tim Cook Manage Apple?

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Description: After another astounding year for Apple it appears that questions are arising about CEO Tim Cook. Although Apple’s stock has risen 74% since his August 2011 take-over, major issues with Apple Maps have damaged his successful launch of  iPhone 5. Source: Forbes Date: October 1, 2012   The flaws with Apple Maps and previously with Apple’s voice recognition software, Siri,… Read more »

Flatlining user base spells end of RIM’s growth story

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Description: RIM’s user-base has been growing since the launch of its first smart phone but its shrinking market share is expected change that. Some analysts are anticipating RIMs growth to halt very soon, despite the launch of their upcoming release of Blackberry 10. Source: The Globe and Mail  Date: September 23rd, 2012   A decade… Read more »

Class2Go: Stanford’s New Open-Source Platform For Online Education

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Description: Higher education institutions have been expanding their resources online by offering extra courses and diplomas that can be earned at a student’s leisure. Stanford University has been at the center of this expansion but their newest iteration, Class2Go, offers something significantly different from its MOOC predecessors. Source: TechCrunch Date: September 17th, 2012 The cost… Read more »