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Description: RIM’s user-base has been growing since the launch of its first smart phone but its shrinking market share is expected change that. Some analysts are anticipating RIMs growth to halt very soon, despite the launch of their upcoming release of Blackberry 10.

Source: The Globe and Mail 

Date: September 23rd, 2012


A decade after Research In Motion Ltd. introduced its first smartphone, the tribe of BlackBerry users has stopped growing.

RIM is in the midst of a long-running slump in sales, but despite that, it has still managed to sell enough devices to keep adding to the BlackBerry user base, albeit slowly. In August, 2011, RIM said it had surpassed 70 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide; the most recent number, as of early June, was 78 million.  Read Rest of Story


Questions for discussion:

1. Why do some analysts believe that Blackberry’s growth is coming to an end right now?

2. Why is RIM trying to license its operating system to other handset makers? Is it too late to make this move?

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