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Description: Running your own company at the age of 19 is difficult, especially when you’re balancing studies during your Sophomore year. To take the pressure off, Ketan Rahangdale tries to keep things fun and youthful.

Source: FastCompany

Date: October 5, 2012


Ketan Rahangdale is the 19-year-old wunderkind CEO of EarTop, an audio technology company. Rahangdale was recently honored at the White House in a ceremony for promising CEOs under 30 (Rahangdale was the only one present in his teens). Rahangdale talks to Fast Companyabout the challenges of juggling his sophomore year and his fledgling company. A central riddle: how to encourage his employees to let loose with a keg full of beer, even though Rahandale’s too young to make the purchase himself. Read Rest of Story


Questions for discussion:

1. How is EarTop gaining their competitive advantage?

2. What major move did Rahangdale recently make and why?

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