Writing Machines — Their Uses and Meaning

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Description: A Sunday business column in The New York Times looked at the work of a start-up, Narrative Science, that combines computer science and journalism. Its software takes data and converts it into stories — short summary-style articles so far, but ones that don’t really read as if they were written by a machine. Source:… Read more »

Tougher legislation won’t stop Internet piracy, experts caution

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Description: As the federal government pushes to modernize the country’s copyright laws, a new study suggests that relying on tougher legislation to stop online piracy simply won’t work. Source: Globe&Mail.com Date: March 16, 2011 It found that anti-piracy education has done little to stigmatize illegal downloading in emerging economies and that market conditions are directly to… Read more »

Apple rolls out subscription service

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Description: Paying for your morning coffee and newspaper by swiping your mobile phone instead of fumbling for cash or debit card could be just around the corner. Source: Globeandmail.com Date: Feb 15 , 2011 Apple Inc. is launching a long-awaited subscription service for magazines, newspapers, videos and music bought through its iTunes App Store. The plan calls… Read more »

Anybody can be a Hacker for a Price

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Description: A website claims to give “administrator” access to various web addresses for a price, causing serious security threats Source: CNN.com Date: Jan 28, 2011 Questions for discussion: Do you thinks this type of be behavior is legal or ethical? What should be done to shut this down? Do you feel the security in these hacked sites… Read more »

More Than 100,000 Pay for British News Site

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Description: The News Corporation said on Tuesday that it had gained 105,000 paying customers for the digital versions of The Times and The Sunday Times of London since it started charging for access to their Web sites this summer. Source: NYT.com Date: Nov 2, 2010 The company said about half of those additions were regular,… Read more »

LimeWire Told to Shut

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Description: Popular file-sharing website LimeWire has been ordered to permanently shut down six months after a federal judge found it liable for copyright infringement on a “massive scale.” Source: WSJ.com Date: Nov 1 , 2010 “For the better part of the last decade, LimeWire and Gorton have violated the law,” the RIAA said. “The court has now… Read more »