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Description: Popular file-sharing website LimeWire has been ordered to permanently shut down six months after a federal judge found it liable for copyright infringement on a “massive scale.”


Date: Nov 1 , 2010

“For the better part of the last decade, LimeWire and Gorton have violated the law,” the RIAA said. “The court has now signed an injunction that will start to unwind the massive piracy machine that LimeWire and Gorton used to enrich themselves immensely.”

On its website, LimeWire posted a notice that said it was under court order to stop distributing and supporting its software. “Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without authorization is illegal,” the notice said.      Click here for rest of story

Questions for discussion:

  • Will this decision stop the “sharing” of files on the net?
  • Will business models to sell music, like itunes be strengthened as a result of this legal decision?
  • What else could business do to protect their content other than legal remidies?

25 Responses to “LimeWire Told to Shut”

  1. Brandon MacDonald

    Trying to stop piracy on the internet is akin to trying to wipe out an ants nest one nest at a time. The openness and anonymity that pervades internet culture lends itself naturally to the pirating phenomena; but it has been around long before that. People have stolen cable for decades now, and before CDs and MP3 players, people were recording mix tapes from the radio. There is no simple answer but companies need to stop trying to squash pirates and come up with more creative ways to add value to their products, giving more people reason to buy rather than pirate.

  2. Tyson Halmrast

    Peer to peer file sharing is a permanent fixture in the information age and the music sharing sub culture. For every limewire shareware program destroyed there will be three to take its place. Limewire has been old news in recent years with its limit on bit torrenting when bit torrenting is by far the most efficient way to download music and movies. B.T. sites get shutdown on a regular basis and more are then created. The shut down of limewire may coherse people to not make a business out of file sharing but as long as there are people willing to share and receive people like me will always get music for free and pay for concerts.

  3. Vanessa Welton-Hagen

    With limewire being ordered to permanently shut down, due to the copyright infringement, I’m sure that any other programs that have the “sharing” of files aren’t far behind them. There are always going to be those free downloading programs online but they all, at some point, will be shut down. Of course when one gets shut down there will be another just starting up. iTunes may benefit from these programs closing but in reality if the people don’t want to pay they will find what they want elsewhere. Businesses could implement firewalls and other protections so that their information is better secured. It is unfortunate that no matter what people do to try and stop someone from hacking into information there is someone working against them, developing new techniques and programs to break down that wall.

  4. Dustin Moore

    This decision will be just a blip in the industry, you will never get rid of piracy in full. This lawsuit has happened before with the product napster. People found a new way to download music in limewire, it will continue to be a continuous cycle of people trying to find new ways to download free songs. Itunes is the newer technological way to download music legally, I think that it will help them create more profits because for a while some people will be scared of downloading songs off the net for free on copyright infringement laws. Although this may help Itunes in the near future, I believe that there will be a new music distribution website and downloads. Companies could look into why people are downloading it is very accessible to people at there houses, so it is very easy and cheap, instead of driving to the store and buying a 15 dollar CD. Companies could make an agreement with these distribution websites to collect a profit from them. Then both sides are happy.

  5. Stephanie H

    No this will not stop the sharing of files because people find it easier to grab music off the net then go in and buy a CD where all they wanted was one song off that CD. Yes business models to sell music like itunes will be strengthened as a result of this legal decision because they have seen what it is that they public wants and are will to meet those needs, therefore we are willing to spend the $1 to get what we want. Honestly I don’t really think there is much the business could do to protect their content other then legal remedies because all thats needed is one person to buy the CD and then they are able to put it on the net. I mean its hard to try and stop everyone from doing that.

  6. Troy K (U of L)

    Sharing of files on the internet is a big part of what the internet is all about. I do not think that the legal action taken against Limewire will stop the The illegal sharing over the internet. Like Dustin Moore said in the comment before Napster has had a lawsuit on this issue before and after this people switched to downloading to other programs like limewire. Programs will continue to pop up and the music industry will be unable to make a lawsuit against them all. This will probably help benefit business models like itunes for people who dont know where else to go to find music for free on the internet until another popular program emerges. People like programs like itunes because it is easy and convenient it is something they can do sitting on their couch in their pj’s. Companies could push the sales of music over the internet more they can charge less over the internet for music because their is no middle man, no shipping, or cd manufacturing costs that pushes prices up.

  7. Josh F

    Sharing files on the internet will continue despite the court order depicted at Limewire. There are plenty of websites still enabling users to download files. To shut down all these websites would be impossible. When looking at Napster getting shut down, Limewire took Napster’s place. I think that I-tunes will be strengthened by Limwires shutdown, but not significantly. People will always find, or create new or better ways of obtaining these files and i can not see businesses being able to do much about it. I have a different site where I get my movies and music, and will continue to until it gets shut down. I will continue to download music, and i will always pay for concerts!

  8. Jerica F

    Shutting down one downloading site will not stop the fact that people are finding copyright material. Like it has been said previously, people will find a way to download material whether it is music or movies regardless of the laws. Personally, I download music for my personal use, if I like an artist I will buy their cd. I am sure there are others out there who only like one or two songs from a specific artist so rather than wasting money on a cd for those two songs, downloading is just easier. If they want to stop people from copywriting, get rid of the dvd burners and cd burners in computers. If they are there, people will use them. Information is on the internet for anyone to see and use and it will continue to be like that into the future.

  9. Debbie C.

    The law is always many, many steps behind technological advances on the internet. As soon as one site is shut down, another one will pop up. Many artists download free songs on their own sites. They say that doing this actually increases their CD sales and ticket sales at their concerts. The record companies earn the biggest share of profit from CD sales. Artists receive only a small percentage and use concerts and merchandise sales to increase their incomes. Downloading is popular because the price of CDs has gone crazy and often only have one or two songs worth listening to.

  10. Jen

    I do not think that this will stop file sharing. Sure it is illegal, but with todays technology, it is unstoppable. I think that even though Limewire is forced to shut down, there will be another file sharing program introuducing itself before too long. I think Itunes will be strengthened temporarily. With this being a legal matter, file sharing users will perhaps start purchasing their music, but as soon as the novelty of this episode has faded, users will have an alternative instead of purchasing their music. I dont necessarily agree with programs like Limewire, in respect for the music industry, but if the sources are available, I believe we will use them. For businesses to protect their content, I believe they could encrypt their data to protect it from being copied. New forms of encryptions and frequent updates with encryption encoding could form a barrier between the business and the consumer.

  11. Yuang

    Since the internet has change the world to the extent that local are not local any more, we could be aware that the act of piracy will be a major concern to our businesses and if we do not used the internet the businesses will not achieve what they could get from a glodalize economic since most businesses depend on internet to do business, so instead of shutting down limewire it should have been good if they (limewire) were order to impplement good security major that will stop or minimise piracy because if sharing business website are to shut down if there is a violation of copyright, there are alot of piracy global wide and will never stop piracy, that will lead us to shut down more site. So it is good to work on piracy and advice businesses to focus on their security.

  12. Dave D

    I believe what limewire has done is absolutely illegal. Musicians aren’t getting credit for the music they are producing. People are turning to a cheaper source to still get there songs. Due to this CD sales are obviously going down. I like what apple did by selling songs for a dollar. Musicians are still getting credit for there songs and customers are getting the songs they like for cheap. They don’t have to go out and buy an entire CD with songs they may not like. In saying all this though, there are many other sites out there where you can download music for free and it will be very hard to completely shut down all these sites.

  13. Jorin Gaudet

    Electronic file download is the way of the future for music consumers. iTunes is not reliable. I have lost files that I have paid for. Free file sharing isnt the best quality and unfair to musicians. So where does this leave the consumer?

    If you want a gurunteed product go to the music store. On the other hand consumers will not pay for something that they can get free. Limewire is a big fish in the p2p networks, but nevertheless it is one fish. Frostwire is already moving to capitalize on the market share that limewire has left behind. No matter how many examples the gov’t tries to make of these organizations there will always be a successor to continue the downloading trend.

    I love music and there is nothing more frustrating then paying for a file that can potentially disappear or not being able to get the album I want at a music store. If you want the industry to focus on impulse purchasing then a more valuable product is in order. Send me the CD after I have downloaded the songs then I will pay. If I can get an Identical product for free and no real risk I will.

    If technology is moving to fast for the music industry then then should catch up and do something about it, not complain to the government.

  14. Breann LaBatte

    I think that with the every evolving and changing technology in our world it is hard to say what will come next, and it is therefore, hard to keep on top of it all. As for Limewire, I think that shutting it down will not stop the sharing of files. Users will find other sources of file sharing like limewire to use instead. I think business models like iTunes may gain some customers from the shutting down of limewire but nothing significant considering most limewire consumers are not willing to pay for music when it is available for free elsewhere. I think it will continue to be hard for companies and businesses to protect their content because as long as people can access there music online from these programs people will continue to use them.

  15. Erika

    I think that this decision will not stop the file sharing over the internet. I believe that it is incorrect to assume that people who have been downloading music for free will be willing to pay for it in the future. I am aware of two reasons that people choose to purchase music rather than download it for free. One reason being the fear of downloading viruses onto their computer, and the other reason being to pay for the music to support the artist. However, in my own personal experience these two aspects don’t seem to be at the top of many people’s concerns.

  16. Marcel Ter Denge

    I think with Limewire being ordered to shut down will only create opportunities for other sharing websites to take their place. As there will be a constant demand for people to download music and other media for free, and when those websites get shut down those people will continue to look for their free content elsewhere. I do believe that a business like Limewire being shut down due to copyright infringement, and the RIAA stating to the public that downloading media for free is illegal will benefit the business models like itunes. People will be scared to break the law and for this reason will look to buying their media legally, but many people will continue to look for free downloads.

  17. Shawna MacDonald

    I don’t think this decision will permanently stop file sharing on the internet. Lime Wire is not the only file sharing program out there – Napster used to be one of the biggest file sharing programs out there and once it shut down others (such as Lime Wire) continued to pop up. I think consumers almost demand some kind of file sharing program. Many people have began to expect to be able to download music for free online and I don’t see that changing. Although iTunes has been experiencing an increased customer base and is seeing people actually pay for their music there are those people out there who likely will still try everything they can to not pay. Therefore, as a result of this decision I cannot see stores such as iTunes see an increase in business because I think consumers will find some other free program that will help them file share for free.

  18. Richard Beaupre

    The shutting down of Lime wire in order to stop piracy on the internet will not work at all in my mind. There is no sure fire way to eliminate piracy on the internet and lime wire is just the tip of the ice berg when it officially does go down. Personally; I do see these legal actions strengthening business models’s such as itunes because if lime wire is not up and running it will cause it’s crossovers. limewire being one of the big names for internet file sharing on the web, has plenty of users. These user’s may be driven to download legally now and it will drive former users possibly to itunes; though as I said earlier there is no sure fire way to eliminate piracy on the internet and there is no way that this simple legal action will completely “STOP” file sharing on the web.

  19. Samuel Yung

    I personally think that by shutting down limewire it would not stop people from sharing files on the net. Currently through the internet there are load of ways to download files online, closing limewire would just make users go to another site to share their files. Internet is just too big to stop people from doing things. There was a part of the article that I agreed with; it was when he was talking about putting a potential buyer in jail. Just because they download does not mean that they wouldn’t buy the CD or movie. Even if they make stricter rules about privacy and copyright laws, there are still going to be people sharing files throughout the world.

  20. Carlos.Z

    Justice does not always prevail through the lawsuit, personally. I do not think this decision will completely stop the “sharing” of files on the net. To some extent, it might delay or slower all the negative sides for release the files or copyright infringement.
    As online programs are being widely utilized by people in various fields for the different purpose, the implements of lawsuit
    will absolutely not stop all the cases for the ‘sharing’ phenomenon. I doubt there will be the same case after one be shuted and another emerged like LimeWire. On the other hand, I tend to support the opinion that business models to sell music, like iTunes will strengthen as a result of this legal decision. However, for this example cannot reflect all the online music industries. In term of ‘businesses to protect their content’, my suggestion is that keeping update the technology for securing important files or making an effort on building the loyalty for their customers.

  21. Adam Gilewicz

    I think that this is a huge movement in stopping the sharing of files, but I do not think it will end it entirely. There is always someone out there trying to find a way to avoid paying for music and shutting down lime wire does not eliminate all of these people. Yes, itunes will be strengthened because of this decision, people will realize the law is really coming down on companies like Lime Wire and may decide to just start buying their music. I don’t know a better way for companies to protect their content other than legal remedies, what higher authority is there than the law?

  22. Dustin Lehmann

    ■Will this decision stop the “sharing” of files on the net?
    ■Will business models to sell music, like itunes be strengthened as a result of this legal decision?
    ■What else could business do to protect their content other than legal remidies?
    This decision will not stop “sharing” on the internet. This may open up opportunities for new sites to spring up and take over limewire’s share of the market. This may increrase the legal business models such as i-tunes but the people that want free music will still want free music and will just find another website to find it. Get better security on there work and maybe encode it so it can only be used if it has been purchased legally.

  23. Jobbie C

    The decision will not stop the “sharing” of files on the net since there are millions of ways to share files on net. I don’t think the legal remidies would stop all the sites from “sharing” of files. Some singers will even put up there songs on youtube for free-sharing to gain popularity. Free-shaing of songs and other files maybe one of the Marketing schemes of some singers. However, legal issues should take into concern. I think itunes may not be strengthen as the Limewire close down since the users of Limewire are mostly unwilling to pay for downloading music. They will go serach for other free-downloading sites instead of using music selling sites. The companies should introduce some higher technology protection on cds in order to stop free-sharing of music or other files on the internet.

  24. Scott S

    I am not sure about this decision. The internet has so many information avenues that it is almost impossible to limit access to stories, music , and other related material. Because the internet is so big and so diverse that trying to limit information sharing is next to impossible. I am sure that someone else is already thinking of a way to get around this ruling and try to cash in. The good thing about this ruling is that it has shut down a company that has been taking advantage of the lack of governace in a place that grows so fast that by the time rules are made they are already out dated. I think that the biggest problem is the growth of the internet and how quickly it is evolving. With it growing so fast I think the only thing we can do is hold on, because I don’t think the growth will be slowing down for a while.

  25. Nadine Kirschenman

    It think that because they have stopped the sharing of files on the internet, itunes will be strengthened alot. They will get new customers and thier sales of will increase. This will also help with the sales of cds and movies in retail stores. I personally use itunes and think it is a better way than pirating songs off the internet. But I do like to use as a source when I have missed a television show.
    I think because limewire was shutdown, there will soon be a new way to download music and movies onto your computer. It is only a matter of time before and new and better way to download things off the internet for free, comes along. I think that if people are too cheap to go buy a song they should just listen to the radio.

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