Hi-Tech Paint Gives Urinating Revellers a Soaking

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Description: Residents of Hamburg’s St. Pauli’s nightclub district are getting their own back on late-night revellers who urinate on public and private buildings, with a new hi-tech paint that sends the spray bouncing right back at them. Source: Reuters Date: March 11, 2015 Questions for discussion: 1. Do you think it is realistic to paint all the… Read more »

Typewriter is Not Dead

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Description: Despite the constant rise of technology, the humble typewriter is still a steady business. Source: CNN Money Date: March 13, 2015 Typewriters are still used today in certain industries; law, police services, book publishers/editors, etc. Even the younger generation is developing an interest in the classic devices.   Questions for discussion: 1. Have you ever… Read more »

How the New Apple Emoji Got Their Skin Tones: It’s Not What You Think

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Description: The new emoji options include different skin color and hair combinations for a slew of characters, which some are finding offensive. Source: Mashable Date: February 26, 2015 Apple rolled out new developer betas for OS X and iOS Monday — which included, amongst other things, the first look at a more diverse set of emoji. The move… Read more »

High-Tech Hair Dryers Aside, Beauty Industry Still Waits for Its ‘Nest’

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Description: Improved technology has let the beauty industry take steps forward lately, but it still lacks a clear link to the “smart” features that have disrupted other fields. Has Panasonic found the answer? Source: Mashable Date: August 14, 2014 When Panasonic debuted its high-tech hair dryer at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January… Read more »

This Canadian Firm Hopes to Bring Virtual Reality to the Masses

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Description: Virtual reality might not be as much of a pipe dream as you may have thought Source: Globe and Mail Date: November 24, 2014   Cordon Media is attempting to create a virtual reality device, that connects to your smartphone -and straps to your face! It’s called “Pinc” (pronounced “Pinch”) and it also includes two… Read more »

Square Wants You to Send Cash Over Snapchat

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Description: Square is attempting to compete with Apple Pay in the mobile app money transferring space Source: CNN Money Date: November 30, 2014   Founder of Square Jack Dorsey discusses the international launch of the Square Register software, their partnership with Snapchat, and how Square could work with Apple Pay. Watch The Video. Questions for discussion:… Read more »

Google And Robots: The Future Just Got A Lot Closer

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Description: Don’t look for an Android-powered Wall-E anytime soon, but Google’s recent move toward robotics signals a big momentum shift getting under way. Source: CNET Date: December 5, 2013 Ready or not, we’re about to enter the age of robotics. That’s the message underlying Google’s announcement on Wednesday that former Android honcho Andy Rubin would be aiming the company’s next “moon shot”… Read more »

Hello Biometrics, Goodbye Passwords?

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Description: Researchers at Purdue University say it’s coming soon: Biometrics – identification by human traits – is leading the way forward, making it possible to log in with a simple scan of your iris or fingerprint. Source: Globe&Mail Date: December 5, 2013  Your personal features are about to become the highest level security method against anything worth… Read more »

Farm At Hand is Taking Farm Management to the Cloud

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Description: Farm At Hand is taking farm management from the dusty notebook to the cloud. The farm management multi-platform program will allow farmers to track everything from equipment to harvesting. Source: TechVibes Date: August 28, 2013 News on the upcoming GrowLab cohort is slowly leaking as accepted startups update their AngelList profiles and move into office space… Read more »