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Description: Don’t look for an Android-powered Wall-E anytime soon, but Google’s recent move toward robotics signals a big momentum shift getting under way.

Source: CNET

Date: December 5, 2013

Google Robots

Ready or not, we’re about to enter the age of robotics. That’s the message underlying Google’s announcement on Wednesday that former Android honcho Andy Rubin would be aiming the company’s next “moon shot” at robots. Google has bought its way into the robotics game, purchasing seven companies to become the foundation of its robotics team, from makers of robotic arms and powered caster wheels to companies specializing in computer vision. Read Rest of Story.

Questions for discussion:

1. What are some of the possible issues that may arise from robotics in the household?

2. Do you think this was a wise investment decision for Google or just another “drop in the bucket” of business ventures?

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