U.S. tech talent may be eyeing Ottawa over Toronto for jobs

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American tech workers looking for jobs north of the border find Ottawa, a government town once voted the ‘most boring city’ in Canada, more appealing than Toronto. Source: Toronto Star Date: October 13, 2017 Link: https://www.thestar.com/business/2017/10/03/us-tech-talent-may-be-eyeing-ottawa-over-toronto-for-jobs.html Discussion 1) What does Ottowa have to offer techies? 2) The article suggests immigration reform in the U.S. is driving some of… Read more »

Would we have seen the proliferation of ‘stalkerware’ if there were more women in tech?

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Stalkerware is on the rise in the consumer market, and its explosive growth is indicative of the troubling lack of diversity in the tech development world.  When development teams are homogeneous, we see the proliferation of online tools with dangerous consequences. Source: CBC Technology News Date: May 31st, 2017 Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/stalkerware-goes-mainstream-1.4136640 Discussion 1) “Diversity on tech teams isn’t… Read more »

We sold our home to build a social network

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The Hughes family in Manchester have quit their jobs and put everything they own into building a social network aimed solely at sports fans. But can they take on the giants?  “We see ourselves sitting at the top table with the big boys,” says father Perry Hughes confidently.  “We don’t think we’re taking on the… Read more »

Rise of the machines: Bank of Canada warns of automation’s side effects

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Policy-makers need to prepare for the negatives like income inequality brought on by conditions that could help workers whose skills are complemented by innovations and those whose tasks are replaced by machines. Source: Toronto Star Date: April 21st, 2017 Link: https://www.thestar.com/business/2017/04/18/rise-of-the-machines-bank-of-canada-warns-of-automations-side-effects.html Discussion 1) Technology will bring “painful side effects like job losses and greater income inequality.”  What, if… Read more »

‘Girls in STEM’ culture is failing both girls and STEM

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Source: Toronto Star Date: March 24th, 2017 Link: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/commentary/2017/03/23/girls-in-stem-culture-is-failing-both-girls-and-stem.html Discussion 1) This article has a pretty dystopian view on the field of computer science.   Management Information Systems is very different indeed from computer science.  In what ways? 2) Employment opportunities for women doing MIS (at least at the University of Montana from where I write these blogs)… Read more »

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding

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WHEN I ASK people to picture a coder, they usually imagine someone like Mark Zuckerberg: a hoodied college dropout who builds an app in a feverish 72-hour programming jag—with the goal of getting insanely rich and, as they say, “changing the world.” But this Silicon Valley stereotype isn’t even geographically accurate. The Valley employs only… Read more »

Cisco to invest $150M in startup technology in Canada

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Cisco Canada has committed to investing $150 million in Canadian venture-capital funds, incubators and innovative companies as part of its innovation hub strategy that could bring 1,700 new jobs to Ontario. Source: CBC Date: August 17th, 2016 Link to article with video: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cisco-to-invest-150m-in-startup-technology-in-canada-1.2680919 Discussion 1) “Canada continues to produce some of the top engineering and management talent in… Read more »

Bosch Bonirob robot set to make field work easier for farmers

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Description: Bosch’s new weed-destroying robot could eradicate the need for herbicide use. Source: Digital Trends Date: November 20, 2015 The company Bosch is developing a farming robot the size of a small car that can distinguish crops from weeds. The Bonirob can then can fish out weeds mechanically & obliterate any unwanted plants into the ground with… Read more »

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs will Start on Mobile: Enter Sello

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Description: Sello is a free mobile app for creators, curators and entrepreneurs where you can instantly create an online store, share your products with your social networks, and accept credit cards and PayPal. Source: Tech Vibes Date: November 13, 2015 Commerce is changing. Digital consumption has shifted from desktop to mobile, and people’s attention is being… Read more »