Outsource your errands online

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Description: CNNMoney’s Laurie Segall talks about the latest trend in tech: outsourcing your errands to people looking to make money. Source: cnn.com Date: Nov 15, 2011 Questions for discussion: What is the business model for this type of e-commerce business? What risks would this type of site have to mitigate to make this a viable… Read more »

Cloud Computing May be a Shot in the Arm our Economy Needs

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Description: Economists and pundits have long feared the emergence of what they called “hollow corporations,” or businesses that don’t actually produce actual goods or services themselves, but instead act as brokers or intermediaries relying on networks of suppliers and partners. Source: Forbes .com. Date: Sept 19, 2011 Where are these services coming from?  Look to… Read more »

When employees cross the line online

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Description: Most everybody posts online these days. But in an age of conspicuous opinionation, how does an employer know when an employee has crossed the line? Source: Globe & Mail.com Date: Jan 31, 2011 The boundaries between work life and home life are dissolving, just as the difference between public and private communication is becoming… Read more »

Ottawa enters dispute over higher Internet fees

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Description: The Harper government is stepping into a contentious debate over just how much Canadians should pay for Internet service, as Industry Minister Tony Clement says he will review a federal regulator’s decision that will raise prices for consumers and businesses Source: Globe & Mail.com Date: Feb 1, 2011 As people access increasing numbers of… Read more »

Microsoft Steps Up Competition With Dynamics CRM 2011

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Description: Hoping to take a bite out of Salesforce.com’s fast growth, Microsoft announced aggressive promotional pricing of $34 per user, per month. That’s well below the cost of Salesforce.com Source: Informationweek.com Date: Jan 18 , 2011 We give you full sales, service and marketing functionality in our standard service where Salesforce.com does not offer marketing functionality or… Read more »

Defying Conventional Wisdom to Sell Glasses Online

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Description: Shopping skeptics said people would never buy certain things —shoes, diamond rings, cars — online because they needed to see the products in person. They were wrong. E-commerce companies have found success in all of those fields. Source: NYT.com Date: Jan 16 , 2011 But some purchases still happen mostly offline, including one of the… Read more »

When the Assembly Line Moves Online

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Description: DO one assigned task on your computer. It shouldn’t take you more than two seconds. Repeat 14,399 times. Congratulations! Your eight-hour work day is complete. Source: NYT.com Date: Oct. 30, 2010 No such workplace yet exists, but with the fiendishly clever creation of standardized two-second tasks, delivered to any computer connected to the Internet,… Read more »

Software-as-a-service fills market niche

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Description: Not all businesses flock to cloud computing, though. What its proponents tout as its main benefit – applications and data on the internet – its critics impugn as a potential weakness Source: CBC News Date: Oct 26, 2010 Cloud computing explained | silicon.com Cash-strapped startups and small companies like cloud computing for various reasons…. Read more »