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Stalkerware is on the rise in the consumer market, and its explosive growth is indicative of the troubling lack of diversity in the tech development world.  When development teams are homogeneous, we see the proliferation of online tools with dangerous consequences.

Source: CBC Technology News

Date: May 31st, 2017



1) “Diversity on tech teams isn’t only about preventing bad apps from reaching the market. We want a multitude of voices and people from different backgrounds informing the important tech decisions made every day in order to see to advances that benefit people from all walks of life.”  There is a huge need for women in Management Information Systems careers as well as the computer science careers being talked about here.  How is your school helping women find careers in MIS?

2) “Having diverse development teams is an important way to mitigate unforeseen consequences.”  Systems Analysis & Design is a required MIS class after the introductory class.  Would it make sense for your professor to have an all-women team, or to mix in the women in class with the men in class?

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