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Description: The exponential growth in the use of the Internet over the last decade and a half has meant that Canadians now require more robust internet connections.

Source: Globe and

Date: Oct 5, 2011

In Canada, the big Internet service providers to have responded to this explosive growth by blocking or restricting service on their networks in order to provide an acceptable level of service to all of its customers. For example, Rogers Cable restricts upload speeds on its $60 a month “Extreme” internet package to just 1 Mbps upload speed and a bandwidth cap of 100GB per month. In addition, online gaming and peer-to-peer file sharing are capped at a dial-up modem era speed of 80 kbps.  READ REST OF STORY

Questions for discussion:

  1. Why is bandwidth such a large issue for both business use and personal use in Canada?

2.  Do you feel that technology called Fibre to the Home or FTTH will ever make widespread inroads in Canada? Explain

25 Responses to “With Fibre Internet, the future is here, but not for most Canadians”

  1. patricia ojuderi

    Bandwidth is such a large issue for both business and personal use because Canadians do not have access to new technology Fibre to the Home (FTTH) which is now the new way to upload and download and do other stuff on the web faster.

    Yes, because most companies would see the four big provinces in Canada as profitable thereby they would not mind incurring the hugh cost because they hope to make it back in time.

  2. Sam Chen

    In the recent years, internet becomes a very big component of life. Moreover, most young generation live with internet everyday. Moreover, a lot of school courses need internet as assistant. According to a research, the average spending on internet for young generation (age 10 to 25) is 4 hours everyday. Hence, it is very hard to image the world without internet. For example, there are online courses, online assessment, online assessment…etc. On the other hand, internet can be say as a technic that can make world together. Together I mean globalization. Globalization is Global competition characterized by networks of international linkages that bind countries, institutions, and people in an interdependent global economy. Therefore, internet is a tool to make this process to become real and also increase this process. Because of this new technic there is a new business arising all over the world, but this business is more famous in Asia. It is called internet café, the main difference is in Asia the main service is high speed process computer and high speed internet (fiber internet). However, in western countries offering food and drink as main service and forget the internet part. Clearly, It is very hard to think that why the common thing that is highly spread in Asia isn’t in Canada. Isn’t it make the condition of Canadian’s competition lower than other countries that have high speed internet (fiber internet) as a help??

  3. Alejandro Valderrabano

    1- Bandwidth is an issue because we have become dependant on it, at personal level being able to play videos, movies or on-line games in a seamless manner is ideal, although not always possible. In business settings a seamless video conference is ideal as well as the quick transfer of important information as time is essential in today’s businesses.

    2-On the short term probably not, because physical distances between cities is very large in Canada versus the US or Japan, which means it would be too expensive and risky. Maybe on the long term as technology tends to get cheaper.

  4. Breanne Marton

    I think that this will eventually be widespread in Canada. Like any new technology the startup cost is high, but eventually it will come down in price, or else people will become so annoyed with the slow internet connections they will want to pay the premium price and use it anyways. As with any technology, people are satisfied with what they have for a while but eventually want bigger and better. With increased internet speeds many Canadians will eventually want to have this as an added feature to their daily internet use. By adding it in some locations in Canada, I think this will spark a move for the rest of Canada to also get Fibre to the Home so they too can enjoy a better internet connection. People enjoy their use of internet much more than television because you can use the internet for anything that you could do on a television as well. I think if it really came down to people having to choose between paying a higher rate for a better internet or paying for cable most people would opt for the internet and would simply hook their computers up to their televisions so they could watch their favorite programs through the internet but still on their televisions.

  5. Kelsey K

    It’s crazy how much we actually rely on the internet now. It seems like we’re all lost without having the internet at fast access and of easy convenience. The internet is a part of almost everything we do, from banking—to provide easy, convenient payments and transfers. Also, its part of our education, we write tests online and rely on the internet as an extremely large, and easy source of information. Because the internet is so important to the way we live our lives, it almost seems devastating to be without it, and because of this, we are willing to pay almost anything to get faster, easy accessible internet. Basically, if it means if a new technology is available, and is able to provide us our internet quick and easy, we are probably going to be interested in it. And, like anything else, its almost a guarantee that some other technological advance will follow it. Because we are a convenience driven society, this technology will soon appeal to us. The internet has become such a large part of what we do, and how we do things, it seems strange to think of a world without it.

  6. Rick Sharma

    The fact that the masses are much more willing to give up their television connection over internet should show how much we rely on the internet. Bandwidth has become an issue because of the limitations in connection speeds due to the extensive amounts of inevitable internet traffic. As a result of this, both personal and business internet requirements have experienced considerable setbacks and thus the need for higher bandwidth requirements arise.

    As for FTTH, it has already been in use in parts of Manitoba and Atlantic Canada (Bell Aliant). It has been successful and definitely the new face and the next step of innovation which will make it’s widespread across the country.

  7. brett pudwell

    I find this to be a very interesting topic. Until just recently, I have spent my whole life on a farm in rural southern Alberta. I don’t remember getting what was referred to as high speed internet until around 2006 and until 2010 the internet was not fast enough to game on. I only lived about 20 minutes from a fairly big city so high speed should not have been out of the question. Even with the severely over priced satellite internet out at the farm, the speed was still relatively slow. When I moved to Lethbridge and got the telus high speed internet I was amazed at the speed. Now that I am used to it, I pretty regularily see that my internet speed can be regulated and I wonder why with all of the technological advances that it is not possible for much faster speeds. I think that the opportunities presented by fibre optic internet are near endless and that most of Canada should begin laying the infastructure necessary for everyone to enjoy this service. With the speeds it is offering a upgrade to faster speed won’t be necessary for many many years, if ever. I think the sooner this technology becomes available, the better.

  8. Brett Z

    Bandwidth is becoming a large issue for Canadians and Businesses in Canada as the file-sharing era continues to grow. In fact, I know more and more people who simply download large movies in full 1080p quality, burn to a DVD or simply connect their laptop to the TV via a HDMI cable. With the cap on bandwidth for many users, they are restricted to the quantity of downloads capable.

    I think that FTTH will spread across Canada into many urban areas within the next five years. I am currently living in a home with this service provided by Telus. However, I do not see this becoming widespread, as Canada’s population is too isolated in provinces such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Large metropolitan areas and other major cities, such as Lethbridge, will receive this service if new homes are being built. Overall, I don’t think that original services will be replaced unless individuals are seriously considering a higher quantity of speed. I honestly do not notice a difference in speed with the FTTH compared to regular DSL / cable speed connections I am used to. With that being said, I do not frequently download movies or play games on line, so maybe I am not the type who needs this service anyways.

  9. Yanmei Sun

    I believe that Fibre to the Home or FTTH will make widespread inroads in Canada.Even though cost is the primary reason for not building FTTH networks in Canada’s big provinces,people would install it after they see the huger advantages than before. First,with the high speed service to the home, FTTH will provide faster downloads, faster uploads, less congestion and higher bandwidth capacities, and all of the advantages above will save lots of time for users no matter individuals or companies. Second,instead of using electricity to carry a IP packets, FTTH uses light,which is low loss. Moreover, there is a low called Optical Law says that Optical fiber transmission information of bandwidth will be a doubled every six months while lower the price 1 times. As the internet already becomes a part of life for Canadians,there is no reason to not make people’s life better, and FTTH can make people’s life more convenient,so there is no doubts that FTTH will make widespread inroads in the future in Canada.

  10. amanda K

    Internet is becoming an important part of people’s everyday lives. It plays an important role in peoples work life as well as home life. Start up costs may be high but in the end it would be worth it. Internet is becoming more popular all the time. Especially with the generation coming up, It could be something to look into getting here in Canada. The internet may be fine now with speed and such, but as the demand get higher in future years it will be a problem. There are so many things you can do with the internet that fibre optic cables would be worth it. For example if there was a faster connection people could download movies on their computers and hook them up to the tv to watch. As well as maybe download video games to play over the TV. I think it could become a popular thing, i mean who doesn’t want a faster internet connection? With everything becoming digital these days and higher quality, it kind of makes sense that people want to find away to make the internet faster and provide high quality speed and access to things on the internet. People spend a lot more time on the internet these days, and I think they need to implement something like fibre optic cables to keep up with the growing demand

  11. Mark

    Internet connection speeds are becoming much more imortant to people everywhere, for home and business. There are many school projects that I work on that require working online. It is very frustrating when there are freeze ups and long download/upload times. I want/need a good internet service that will provide me with fast results so that i can fluently be efficient at what ever I am doing on line – it is a fast pace world. Not only do we need this for timely results, I think people also need it cause they want it so bad. For example, I downloaded something at 1.5 mb/s the other day, the day afer I could only get 200 mb/s – frustrating! Ounce I had the taste of speed that is what I expecet to happen – especially because I pay for it!
    Fibre optics won’t be everywhere in Canada for a long time. Not only is it very expensive for companies to set up the infrastructure, I belive our population is also part of the problem. It takes alot of subscribers to pay that cost. I think an economies of scale can be realized when builing that infrastructure in places of high population. Consider that many people live in complexes in larger cities than in individual homes – this makes it easier and cheaper to get people connected.

  12. Pulkit Arora

    Internet has rapidly been growing in the past few years and will continue to grow. It is part of almost everyone’s daily lives and almost everyone cannot live without it. As stated in the article, people are willing to cut off their cable services for internet. Although the monthly costs for high speed internet is costly, it is definitely worth it at the end of the day. Because of this, I feel that Fibre to the home will definitely be widespread inroads in Canada. Although there is no projection date for these Fibre to the home to reach Canada, the fast pace technology advances will help it come to Canada in no time. Once a company can provide the Fibre to the home service, there would be many consumers that are willing to pay for this service because of it’s high speed and easiness. For example, every internet user has downloaded a movie or music illegally and having a faster internet connection can help them achieve that goal sooner instead of waiting. Therefore for this and many other reasons, people would switch to the Fibre at the home product.

  13. Austen Murray

    The internet is a very important tool and will continue to be as we move into the future. It keeps people connected all over the world, but more importantly it is allowing businesses and people to do more tasks at a more efficient rate. As more operations, tasks and more highly complicated things are being performed on the internet, there is a greater demand for the speed of performing these connections between other people more quickly. More people will become more reliant on the internet as time progresses, because more people are beginning to work from home, businesses are starting to almost entirely run on complicated information systems. It use to be alright for a connection to take a awhile because it was for a less priority task, such as checking a family photo or playing an online game. However, as reliance on the internet becomes more intense so should the development of universal fibre optic cable, that will allow greater connections speed for everyone, creating an all-around faster internet for the people that truly need it and in the end benefit our country’s economy. If you use something everyday, it better be something that is going to perform at that highest efficiency, especially if it is in relation to making you money.

  14. Wale Obateru

    Bandwith is a really big issue all over the world. This is as a result of the numerous use of the internet nowadays which ranges form sending e-mails, picture messages, downloading of music and videos just to mention a few. With this activities taking place among billions of internet users on a daily basis, there is need for very fast speed internet connection that will make the processes fast and time saving. In Canada, there is virtually no home or business organization that does not have an internet connection. The success of most businesses largely depends on the speed of internet connection. For most businesses to be highly efficient, keep track of their inventories and manage their logistics properly, there is need for high speed internet connection. A connection short of this can have serious effect on the supply chain or business chain which can be a great loss to the organization or business. Also, with the multi-tasking natures of households in our present society, most people now work from home, or do assisnments from home and require high speed internet to ensure efficeincy and time saving. All these activities are big reasons why Canadian households and businesses require large bandwidths to ensure speed and sucess. Every economy relies on technology to power it’s economy, this is the reason why large bandwidths is important to improve productivity and hence the living standard of country.

  15. Jenny T

    I do remember those days when the internet took almost 20 minutes to upload a full site and you could sit at your computer for hours with only visiting a few websites. With the technology getting faster and becoming more advanced, I think that its important that Canada were to introduce Fibre for both personal and businesses. But by the time we do receive this advancement, something even fast will come along and Fibre will still not be fast enough for the new generation that all they know is faster/better/ and more expensive. Internet has become more valuable to people, it allows access to every need of the human population whether people are shopping, getting directions, needing advice, downloading or socializing. Everything a person needs is on the internet and its a cheap and fast way to get where you’re going. Bandwidth becomes a problem because its just not fast enough and not good enough for the needs of the people, technology can’t seem to keep up with demands of everyone wanting faster and bigger and better. I think eventually we will get Fibre but for now , we will have to be grateful for the improvements the internet has made from dial-up.

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