E-books gaining traction in Canada; print still tops

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Description: The Canadian ebook industry is starting to take-off. In a recent report conducted by BookNet Canada,  ebooks have been found to represent 16.3% of the overall book market – a number that even surprises industry professionals. Source: Ottawa Citizen  Date: October 10, 2012   TORONTO — Surging ebook sales now represent an estimated 16.3 per cent… Read more »

Why Canada lags in cloud computing

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Description: Cloud computing can save businesses money and make them more productive. But Canadian companies have been slow to adopt this mature technology, partly due to security and privacy concerns. Source: theglobeandmail .com Date: Feb 9, 2012 Still, data security and privacy are the two biggest challenges in cloud computing, Mr. Prakash says. Because Canada… Read more »

The Internet needs peacekeepers. Is Canada ready?

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Description: It is a crime in progress, a cyber-fraud network that moves with blistering efficiency between servers in England, criminals in Russia and victims around the globe. It is borderless, profitable and almost impossible to stop. It is the digital future of criminality. Source: Globe and Mail Date: Nov 24, 2010 But perhaps the scariest… Read more »