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Imagine this: You finish your work for the day, press “Send” to email files to your boss, then lean back in your chair, toss your feet up, and gaze out at the turquoise water and white sand beach.

And no, it’s not a screen saver.

Untethered to a desk, a commute, or a mortgage, digital nomads use technology to work remotely, earning a living while they travel the world.

Source: CBC News

Date: February 1st, 2019



1) “destinations around the world, from Chiang Mai, Thailand, to Medellin, Colombia, have become hubs for digital nomads, attracting “location-independent” freelancing travellers with an attractive combination of temperate climates, breathtaking scenery, reliable Wi-Fi, co-working spaces and a low cost of living.”   Why is this not an option for most people graduating from business school?

2) “People think they need to be a developer or overly tech savvy, but that’s not true,” says Smith. “It really comes down to learning how to think in a different way … it takes a lot of hard work, but it’s possible.”   What sort of “different thinking” is needed?

3) How can remote working be useful in Canada?

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