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A video wall

Facebook was aware of inaccuracies in the way it measured how many people viewed video on its site for a year longer than it has previously admitted, court documents have claimed.

Newly released papers that are part of a US legal action against the social network, claim that it knew about the problems in 2015.

Facebook described the case against it as “without merit”.

It said suggestions it had tried to hide the issue were “false”.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: October 18th, 2018



1) You have watched videos on Facebook, sometimes to the end, sometimes not.  What do you think is a fair metric to measure how much video is being watched?

2) Should this be a linear metric, that is you just count the number of minutes and seconds watched and divide by the total length of the video?  Does it make more sense to have a metric that is exponential – the more someone watches of a video the more valuable their time watching is counted?

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