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Buyers who have to provide personal information to purchase recreational pot online after legalization this fall should be able to rely on existing laws to protect their privacy but the issue needs to be watched closely to ensure regulations are obeyed and mistakes are avoided, experts say.

The matter is important given the stigma many people still attach to marijuana use, and the potential for Canadians to be barred from the United States if their otherwise legal indulgence becomes known to American border agents.

Source: CBC News

Date: August 20th, 2018



1) “We need to keep eyes on it, meaning we have to make sure this information is not abused or used for secondary purposes that were never intended,” Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s former privacy commissioner and now an expert at Ryerson University, said”.   How could you make sure private information is not used for other purposes?

2) “Personal data will remain in Canada and not be shared with third parties”  How will the Ministry of Finance make sure this is happening, do you think, or is it almost impossible to do this?

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