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While your selfie might get lots of “likes” on social media, companies and perhaps even fraudsters may like your face even more — because they can profit from it.

But a University of Toronto researcher has found a way for internet users to opt out by very slightly distorting images, and he’s working on an app that will help them do just that.

“When you publicly make available photos of your face, you want the power to control who can actually use that,” said Joey Bose, the masters student who developed the algorithm.

Source: Toronto Star

Date: June 6th, 2018



1) “Instagram and Facebook… are known to use multiple facial recognition algorithms to extract all they can from your selfie.”  Were you aware that these companies were doing this?  Should you be made clearly aware and be able to opt out?

2) What sorts of things do you think Instagram and Facebook can pull from your selfie?

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