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Think of it as a souped-up self-driving 3D printer on wheels. It built the scaffolding of this unfinished structure in just 13.5 hours, and all it’s waiting for now is concrete to be poured.

While robotics and automation have revolutionized the way factories build cars and computers — helping companies build new types of products with speed and efficiency not possible or practical with humans alone — industry experts admit that technological advancements in the construction industry have been relatively slow.

Source: CBC

Date: April 27th, 2017

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1) ” There’s more automation in the industry already than you might think. Excavation and grading is essentially robotic now, Haas says, driven off 3D designs. Self-driving vehicles are already used in big construction projects like mining.”  Where might automation NOT work?

2) Is there any sort of work that currently humans do that could NOT be replaced by automation and robots?

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