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The second-floor apartment was a beautiful and spacious, smartly appointed two bedroom in San Francisco’s posh Pacific Heights neighborhood. It was pricey, about $400 a night on Airbnb, and came with an unexpected caveat.  Along with a complimentary bottle of California wine, renters were greeted with a handwritten note warning them to lie if they ran into any neighbors. If anyone asked questions, they were instructed to say they were just friends of the family.

Source: CNN Technology

Date: January 17th, 2017



1) One of the most interesting parts of this article for me is that “BNB Shield employees aren’t staking out buildings, looking for strangers with roller luggage. It uses custom software to comb through listings in a given area and match information with known features in a specific building.”  In what other ways could you use this sort of software?

2) What other parts of the app-economy could use an anti-app?

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