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Canadian grandmother Christine McMillan does not include killing zombies among her hobbies, neither does she play the games that would allow her to do so.

So when she received a letter accusing her of illegally downloading first-person shooter Metro 2033, she was surprised.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: November 1st, 2016



1) “It is now mandatory for Canadian ISPs to forward the physical addresses of people whose IP address has been identified by content owners as being the source of illegal downloads.  It is part of the Canadian government’s Notice and Notice regulations, introduced under last year’s Copyright Modernisation Act.  The regulation requires that infringement notices issued by content owners are forwarded to users.”  How do you feel about Canadian ISPs being required to forward information to the Government?

2) The ISP in this case was accused of ” being “unreliable” in the way it “reconciles the IP… to the appropriate subscriber”.  What do you think this means?

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