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Description: Other big topics will include Instant Articles, Live Video, 360 Video, and much more.

Source: Fast Company

Date: April 11, 2016


When more than 2,000 people descend on San Francisco this week for Facebook’s annual two-day F8 developers conference, their discussions and decisions will have a huge impact on how you and 1.59 billion other people around the world use the social network. Topping the bill, by all accounts, is the company’s foray into chatbots that allow users to order products directly through Messenger.

Facebook will unveil a new chatbot system for Messenger at F8, tools that could be the next generation of 1-800 numbers, reports TechCrunch. The idea is that chatbots, along with live chat between customers and customer service, could be integrated directly into Messenger, which is used by more than 900 million people every month.
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Questions for discussion:

1. Is a customer-service based chat messenger system something that you are interested in?

2. If companies start to use Messenger as a platform to advertise, would you still use Messenger?

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