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Description: Start-up companies have found a perfect testing ground for their new apps in Canada. With the large (but not too large) size of the country, friendly and honest people and a tech savvy marketplace, Canada is the perfect country to launch new ideas.

Source: Mashable

Date: November 22, 2013


Developers worldwide are using Canada as a testing ground for apps before rolling them out to other markets. This testing process might be common knowledge among app creators, but the typical mobile user may not realize an app he downloads today has undergone months of testing in Canada. Global developers have kept an eye on the Great White North, using it as a way to work out bugs and kinks before introducing software elsewhere. Read Rest of Story.

Questions for discussion:

1. Do you agree that Canadians would be good for giving valuable feedback on start-up apps?

2. Do you agree that Canadian tech culture is comparable to that in the US?

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