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Description: Blackberry says they will recapture their market share in the U.S. but the company knows that winning customers back will be a lot harder than losing them.

Source: BBC

Date: October 26, 2012


The last time I met a Blackberry boss it ended rather badly. Eighteen months ago Mike Lazaridis, then co-CEO of RIM, took exception to a question and terminated our encounter. So I was very grateful that Thorsten Heins, now in sole charge, agreed to meet me this week and give me so much of his time.

He took over in January, after Mr Lazaridis and his co-CEO Jim Balsillie stepped down, battered by the crisis at the Blackberry company which probably explained the tensions of our interview the previous spring. Read Rest of Story


Questions for discussion:

1. What is the new paradigm for Blackberry 10?

2. When does it launch and why might this be too late?

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