How Digital is Transforming Canada’s $500 Billion Retail Industry

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Description: From mobile to social, the rapid adoption of digital technologies, devices and services by consumers is reshaping our entire economy. Source: TechVibes Date: April 4, 2014 Shoppers want selection, purchasing options (online or in-store), price competitiveness and excellent online service—throughout the buying process and even post-purchase. And they want it across all digital channels and on all… Read more »

Microsoft’s barrier-breaking plan to get more apps for Windows

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Description:  Microsoft’s plan is to provide developers with the tools that will let them design an app once, then apply it across all of Microsoft’s Windows 8 platforms, even the Xbox game consoles eventually, with minimal extra effort. Source: The Globe and Mail Date: April 3, 2014 Microsoft’s new strategy for its flagging operating system empire is… Read more »