Urine sample app lets users detect diseases with iPhones

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Description: The newest most cutting edge app allows users to test their urine for up to 25 diseases by simply peeing into a cup and taking a picture of a color-coded urinalysis strip. Source: CNET Date: February 27th, 2013 Ever thought a smartphone could detect what was in your urine? Well, now it can. A new iPhone app,… Read more »

If Charles Darwin Created Foursquare, It Might Look Like This

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Description: Project Noah wants to create a database of every living creature in the world with user generated content. This breakthrough smartphone application has already led to noteworthy discoveries in its fight against Nature Deficit Disorder. Source: Mashable.com Date: April 20 2012 Big Idea: Project Noah harnesses the power of mobile to let users contribute… Read more »

How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work

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Description: Not long ago, Apple boasted that its products were made in America. Today, few are. Source: nytimes .com Date: Jan 21, 2012 When Barack Obama joined Silicon Valley’s top luminaries for dinner in California last February, each guest was asked to come with a question for the president.   But as Steven P. Jobs of… Read more »

iPhone 4S devours data twice as fast as previous model

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Description: Apple’s new iPhone 4S consumes on average twice as much data as the previous iPhone model and even more than iPad tablets due to increasing use of online services like the virtual personal assistant Siri, an industry study showed. Source: theglobeandmail.com Date: Jan 6, 2012 When Apple rolled out the iPhone 4S in October,… Read more »

Once Wary, Apple Warms Up to Business Market

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Description: Steven P. Jobs never cared much for selling Apple products to big businesses.  A funny thing happened, though, in the last few years. Big companies started buying Apple products — a lot of them — for their employees. Source: NYTimes.com Date: Nov 15, 2011 While corporate technology buyers say Apple does not try to… Read more »

A fond farewell to Steve Jobs

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Description: New York Times technology columnist comments on how when Steve Jobs died, the country lost not one but four of its greatest minds. Source: CBSNEWS.com Date: Oct 9, 2011 Questions for discussion: Can Apple be just as successful in the next five years with out Steve Jobs as the past five years with Steve… Read more »

Global glitch bruises RIM

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Global glitch bruises RIM Description: A major technical glitch affected BlackBerry service across much of the globe Wednesday, delaying e-mails and messages for an estimated 30 to 40 million users – about half of RIM’s customer base of 70 million. Source: CNN.com & Globe and Mail.com Date: Oct 13, 2011 The problems, which began earlier… Read more »

Credit Card Transactions for Everyone

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Description: New smartphone applications let almost anyone take payments electronically Source: Cnn.com Date: March 1, 2011 Questions for discussion: What are the implications for small business as a result of the increase of mobile payments? What industries and application can you predeict will beneifit from this technology?