Ticketmaster’s CEO Dishes on New Interactive Seat Maps

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Description: We’re one of the few ecommerce companies that gets to connect with each of ourcustomers in person. They tell us where they will be at a given date and time, down to the exact seat location. So enhancing the event with geosocial is a cool part of the evolution of the experience and part… Read more »

Computer ties human as they square off on ‘Jeopardy!’

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Description: Watching these “Jeopardy!” episodes, I thought of one of cinema’s most devilish control freaks, HAL the computer from the sci-fi masterpiece, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I wondered what Watson, seemingly so genial as he played the game, would have said had someone ordered him to “open the pod bay doors.” Source: CNN.com Date: Feb 17,… Read more »

I.B.M.’s Hybrid Strategy in Business Intelligence

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Description: I.B.M.’s announcement Monday that it is buying Netezza for $1.7 billion highlights how much the fast-growing field of business intelligence is increasingly both a hardware and a software technology. Source: NYT.com Date: Sept 20, 2010 The term “business analytics,” of course, is the branding upgrade that has been given to business intelligence. Whatever. Both… Read more »