Widespread Encryption Bug, Heartbleed, Can Capture Your Passwords

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Description: Some websites running SSL encryption, such as Airbnb, Pinterest, USMagazine.com, NASA, and Creative Commons, among others, were exposed to a major security bug called Heartbleed on Monday. Source: Mashable Date: April 9, 2014 The bug affects web servers running Apache and Nginx software, and it has the potential to expose private information users enter into websites, applications,… Read more »

New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users

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Description: Until recently, only determined and knowledgeable hackers with fancy tools and lots of time on their hands could spy while you used your laptop or smartphone at Wi-Fi hot spots. Source: NYTimes.com Date: Feb 17, 201 You may think the only people capable of snooping on your Internet activity are government intelligence agents or… Read more »

Anybody can be a Hacker for a Price

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Description: A website claims to give “administrator” access to various web addresses for a price, causing serious security threats Source: CNN.com Date: Jan 28, 2011 Questions for discussion: Do you thinks this type of be behavior is legal or ethical? What should be done to shut this down? Do you feel the security in these hacked sites… Read more »

F.T.C. Backs Plan to Honor Privacy of Online Users

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Description: Signaling a sea change in the debate over Internet privacy, the government’s top consumer protection agency on Wednesday advocated a plan that would let consumers choose whether they want their Internet browsing and buying habits monitored. Source: NYTimes.com Date: Dec 1, 2010 Saying that online companies have failed to protect the privacy of Internet… Read more »

Google admits to accidentally collecting e-mails, URLs, passwords

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Description: Thousands of websites and millions of pieces of private data are increasingly in one big cloud, where some of the old rules of data security are out the window. Source: CNN.Tech Date: Oct 23, 2010 Google admitted in a blog post Friday that external regulators have discovered that e-mails, URLs and passwords were collected and stored… Read more »