Bundled up: Rogers bets on a digital future for magazines

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Description: Rogers hopes to add online magazine publications to its database available to wireless and cable subscribers. Digital publications also offer an advanced way to track reader trends to entice advertisers. Source: The Globe and Mail Date: September 26, 2013 Rogers Media is taking a lesson from its parent company’s cable division, as it bundles all… Read more »

Nearly 35% Of Chinese Android Apps Steal User Data: Report

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Description: User privacy is an extremely sensitive subject, especially when it comes to our always-connected smartphones. After surfacing their new findings, China has begun to criticize Google for their apparently questionable practices. Source: FastCompany Date: March 15th, 2013 A fresh report from the Data Center of China Internet says that close to 35% of Android apps surveyed were slurping user… Read more »

The Reason Why Android Gets Apps Later Than IOS

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Description: There are too many operating systems, devices, and models for app developers to keep up. This diversified market makes the future of apps look  more corporate than entrepreneurial. Source: Mashable Date: March 6th, 2013 Even though there are more Android phones than iPhones in the United States, the number and variety of Android apps lags compared to Apple’s… Read more »

Urine sample app lets users detect diseases with iPhones

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Description: The newest most cutting edge app allows users to test their urine for up to 25 diseases by simply peeing into a cup and taking a picture of a color-coded urinalysis strip. Source: CNET Date: February 27th, 2013 Ever thought a smartphone could detect what was in your urine? Well, now it can. A new iPhone app,… Read more »

The Five Ways Users Organize Their Apps And What App Designers Can Learn From This

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Description: A German research firm has recently conducted a study that examines how users organize their mobile applications. More than likely, you’ll find that you practice at least one of their five organizational methods. Source: TechCrunch Date: February 10th, 2013 A new report from German researchers reveals the five main ways people are organizing the applications on… Read more »

The Ipad Effect on Job Creation

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Description: App developers increase staff thanks to the iPad. But how crucial is Apple to job creation? CNN’s Maggie Lake reports Source: cnn .com Date: March 9, 2012 Questions for discussion: Do you feel that iPad release results in more jobs? Explain Should Apple manufacture the iPad in North America? Why? Or Why Not?

As New iPad Debut Nears, Some See Decline of PCs

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Description: The chief executive of Apple, Timothy D. Cook, has a prediction: the day will come when tablet devices like the Apple iPad outsell traditional personal computers. Source: nytimes .com Date: March 5, 2012 His forecast has backing from a growing number of analysts and veteran technology industry executives, who contend that the torrid growth… Read more »

The ultimate tool for the ‘me’ generation

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Description: Martin Timusk uses his iPad for everything. From sending e-mails to reading the news, communicating with work and doing work, to following digital threads and playing on Google Earth, his iPad is something of an appendage. Source: globe and mail .com Date: Feb 2, 2012 Though the format hit the market only in 2010,… Read more »

Advertising Companies Fret Over a Digital Talent Gap

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Description: When the Ad:tech advertising technology conference hits New York next week, marketers, advertising agencies and recruiters may spend less time listening to the panelists and more time working the floor to find new employees. Source: www.nytimes.com/ Date: Oct 30, 2011 A talent gap is growing between the skills that many new advertising jobs require… Read more »