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In today’s installment of “the future is 100% subscription-based,” Toronto-based startup Rover is testing out subscriptions for its parking marketplace. Rover lets users list their unused parking spots for on-demand rental by others on the service, giving them a passive way to earn some income while hopefully increasing the utilization rate of parking spaces at the same time.

Source: Tech Crunch

Date: August 21st, 2019



  1. ” the future is 100% subscription-based” I currently have a subscription with HP where I pay for a certain number of pages that I can print each month (100) for a subscription ($4.99) paid each month. It matters not whether I print a page with just a single word on it, or a full page full colour photo. HP sends me new ink cartridges when the printer says it needs them. So instead of paying for ink, which I don’t really need, I am paying for pages printed, which I do need.
    What subscription services do you currently have?
  2. What other things (unused parking spaces, in this article) could be sold on a subscription basis via an app?

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