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The Long Island City neighborhood in the Queens borough of New York, Nov. 6. Amazon has chosen the neighborhood for one of its two new headquarters locations.

“This was a list of places Amazon really thinks they’re going to put something. We should compete to get whatever that is but, in reality, the key to our long-term success is to create the next Amazons in Toronto, not lure the current Amazon.”

Source: Toronto Star

Date: November 15th, 2018



1) “I’ve told (Toronto officials) since day one that Amazon was cloud-sourcing information to make a whole series of corporate location decisions, not just headquarters, and that Toronto is dating Amazon, getting to know Amazon,”   What do you think of this statement?  Is it a losers justification?

2) “450,000 people already work in tech in the Toronto area, Cohon added, and the regional boom will continue, thanks in part to the international exposure gained from the Amazon bid book that has been downloaded 17,300 times.”   What Toronto did seems very smart indeed.  What are your thoughts on this approach of making all the information provided to Amazon available to everyone?

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