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Amazon’s search for a second headquarters was never just about finding a new home.

Throughout the process, Amazon skillfully obtained data from 238 cities and metro areas in North America for free, including proprietary information about real estate sites under development, details about their talent pool, local labor cost and what incentives cities and states were willing to cough up to bring the company to town.

“Amazon was not going through this exercise to pick a single HQ2,” said Richard Florida, a leading urbanist and professor at the University of Toronto. “It was part of a broader effort — a corporate relocation strategy — to crowdsource a wide variety of data.”

Source: CNN Technology News

Date: November 15th, 2018

1) Is this notion that Amazon “crowdsourced” its collection of data from 238 cities genius, or just plain unethical?
2) Amazon chose to open 2 new HQs, in New York and Washington.  On what dimensions does this make sense, and on what does it not?

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