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As the director of the University of Calgary’s Running Injury Clinic, Reed Ferber noticed something way back in 2009.

“Runners were using wearable technology — the Nike chip was the first type of wearable technology. They were not going on their runs if they forgot their device at home,” Ferber said.

“So [I realized] these devices are changing behaviour of these athletes.”

Close to a decade later, Ferber revealed Monday the University of Calgary has received funding from the federal government in the form of a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) CREATE grant to train 80 graduate students over the next six years to become experts in the field of wearable technology — which has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Source: CBC

Date: August 28th, 2018



1) What are you doing to become a part of the multi-billion dollar wearable technology industry?

2) What sorts of skills do you think would set a wearable technology graduate apart?

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