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Artificial Intelligence – a rapidly advancing technology promising to transform whole industries in the next five years with profound implications for how we live and work.

Or, as we hear on this week’s Tech Tent, a massively overhyped buzzword for quite a mundane field of computer science which has not made any great leap forward in the last decade.

That is the view we hear from Zia Chishti, who is deeply sceptical about the claims that AI is disrupting every industry on earth at breakneck speed.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: August 20th, 2018



1) It is common in many instances that companies that want to sell things will say that their thing is part of whatever is new and exciting.  This is what is being claimed here – much of what is being called AI is not actually AI.  Q: what are the differences between “Machine learning, predictive analytics, AI”?

2) Is it “fake news” that companies are selling what they have as AI when it is not?

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