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Google records users’ locations even when they have asked it not to, a report from the Associated Press has suggested.

The issue could affect up to two billion Android and Apple devices which use Google for maps or search.

The study, verified by researchers at Princeton University, has angered US law-makers.

Google said in response that it provides clear descriptions of its tools and how to turn them off.

The study found that users’ whereabouts are recorded even when location history has been disabled.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: August 14th, 2018



1) “To stop Google saving these location markers, users have to turn off another setting called Web and App Activity, which is enabled by default and which does not mention location data”  Would you consider this “clear descriptions of the tools” as Google is saying?

2) Why should you expect privacy from a company that is not obligated to provide you any service – what you are using you use for free?

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