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Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been moving recently to deal with the threats posed by misinformation and meddling that they didn’t see coming, but now they face an emerging form of disinformation they know is on the horizon: Deepfakes — doctored videos that will eventually fool even the sharpest eyes. As the technology to create deepfakes advances, experts say, it won’t be long before it’s used to foment discord or even affect an election.

“The opportunity for malicious liars is going to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Bobby Chesney, professor and associate dean of the University of Texas School of Law who has been closely researching deepfakes.

Source: CNN Technology

Date: August 14th, 2018



1) There are almost no details how you Facebook, Google or CNN, say, might detect a deepfake video.  How might you go about doing this?

2) Why do Facebook, Google or CNN, say, have a responsibility to root out fakeness?

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