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A Toronto–based app connecting restaurants and bars to temporary workers will soon be expanding to the city’s retail market, adding a new dimension to the growing gig economy  — and raising questions about how to protect the workers who depend on it.

Hyr launched in February 2017. About 300 Toronto restaurants now use it and more than 5,000 workers have also logged on.

“We’ve grown exponentially,” said the app’s co-founder, Erika Mozes. “The first demand for it really came from workers because … this new economy and the way that people want to be able to make money when they want to make money.”

Source: CBC News

Date: May 16th, 2018



1) “We’re kind of the Airbnb for hourly paid work.”  What is meant by this statement?

2) Would this sort of app work in your town or city?  How would you roll it out?

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