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Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for cellphone plans, but a new report argues there are good reasons for it.

Published by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI), a pro-free-market think-tank, the report takes aim at a 2017 wireless price-comparison study, commissioned by the federal government and completed by consulting firm Nordicity.

The annual study found that — once again — Canada’s cellphone rates rank among the highest out of eight countries surveyed.

MEI claims the study is “simplistic and misleading” because it ignores factors that can inflate prices, such as Canada’s geographical barriers and the investments that Canadian telco have made to provide superior wireless services.

Source: CBC News

Date: May 9th,



1) Does it make sense that telecommunications in Canada is more affected by geography than Australia is?

2) Why might Canadian telecoms companies lag behind places like Australia when it comes to investing in infrastructure?

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